Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday was our Easter celebration at church. We started with lunch in the gym and then an Easter egg hunt. Nate tolerated the egg hunt, he was more interested in the bouncy castles that were set up in the parking lot. We made it to the bouncy castles before the crowd hit and he was pleased to get one to himself. We put Lorelei in the grass and let her play with her basket while we visited and watched Nate jump. I looked over and saw him slide out of the the bouncy castle. He ran over in our direction and then passed me up. As I turned to ask where he was going, I saw his white hiney, pants around his ankles, peeing on a tree! I rushed over to pull up his pants and tell him that when we are at church we go inside to potty. He told me that he peed on a tree because he was outside. I am thankful that he didn't go in his underwear but I think it is time to set boundaries.

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